5 Benefits of Water Softener

5 Benefits of Water Softener You Didn’t Know About

Living in a house that has a hard-water facility is an expensive problem. It damages not only pipes, appliances, and fixtures but also your skin and hair. The nature of water impacts many areas of your life. In this short blog, let’s understand the need to have a water softener at home.

Do You Need a Water Softener?

Approximately 85% of United States homes have hard water, making the water softener a necessity in the country. The classification of water depends on the presence of calcium carbonate in the water. Its concentration depends on the parts per million (PPM). The PPM of soft water will be between 0-60 and for hard water 120-180 ppm. Anything that’s above 180 ppm is considered to be extremely hard.

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Water Softener?

Benefit #1: No More Dry Skin

No More Dry Skin

Hard water contains large amounts of magnesium and calcium. If you are using hard water for bathing purposes, then know that it’s technically very difficult to get a lather. Even after a bath, you find white scales or a film of soap on your skin and make it look dry and pale.  Excessive magnesium deposition on the skin can also cause skin irritation. The purpose of a water softener is to change hard water properties without leading to any side effects. Soft water softener softens and moisturizes your skin and also reduces tanning factors.

Benefit #2: Avoids Hair Getting Dry

Avoids Hair Getting Dry

The water you use impacts your shower experience. Shampooing and conditioning hair is challenging in hard water. When you wash your hair in hard water, moisture hardly enters your hair strand. As a result, your hair becomes coarse, frizzy, and dry; it also dries out the scalp and creates dandruff. The new and permanent solution to this is installing a water softener. It allows you to have a chemical-free shower and improves your shower experience. It removes metals and impure sediments that cause the hardening of water.

Benefit #3: Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

A water softener is only a one-time installment. Installing it is super easy and requires zero maintenance. Once installed, you have it working seamlessly for the next couple of years. 

Today many inexpensive showerheads allow you to have a luxurious, spa-like experience. The best part of the showerheads is they are portable and can easily be fixed.

Benefits #4: Cleaner Clothes and Dishes

Cleaner Clothes and Dishes

Hard water leaves mineral stains all over your clothes and dishes. A water softener eliminates all those problems. If you find installing a water softener to be expensive, you can use a showerhead instead. You can use the bathroom’s same softened water to wash your clothes and utensils.

Benefits #5: You Don’t Fall Sick

You Don’t Fall Sick

If you are someone who often falls sick, then you need to get your water tested. The germs present in the water can be hampering with your health. Showerhead not only eliminates minerals but also keeps germs at bay.

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