Detox After Christmas Season

Detox After Christmas Season? Here is What You Need To Do

What scares you more this Christmas Season? Overindulging in parties or the threat of the virus? When the festive season comes up, you find yourself surrounded by refined carbs, alcohol, sugar, and more sugar. What starts as a celebration soon turns to be a nightmare. 

You must have guessed by now where it is going. Of course! The eternal weight-gain problem that each of us fret over.

And we guess that day isn’t that far (You see! Christmas is only a few days away!). In this blog, learn some detox tips that ensure you start your new year with a good note.

Ditch Boozing:

Ditch boozing

Maybe it is hard to call it quits with alcohol during the festive season. No wonder if your hands involuntarily chase bottles of prosecco. But once it is over, it is over. Make a pact with yourself to go for Dry January.  Drink as much water as possible to cleanse your body. Aim for 6-8 glasses of water a day, cut back on drinks and caffeine.

If you find a drinking water bland, make it appetizing by adding a slide of lemon, cucumber, and a few leaves of mint in the water bottle.  These ingredients are refreshing and have a detoxifying element to them- ‘Lemon’ is called a king of detox ingredients, cucumber with all anti-inflammatory properties, and mint with digestion.

Another detox drink you could try is ‘green tea’- this beverage is loaded with antioxidants and burns your fat, and increases metabolism. For extra flavor, try green tea infused with jasmine or mint.

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Cut out on Sugar:

Cutting out sugar is difficult because you find hidden sugar and sweeteners in almost everything from your breakfast to dinner. The easiest way is to cook carefully. Today there are many recipes that considerably reduce sugar intake without giving you any sugar-absence feeling.

Do not Stop Working Out:

working out

Consuming too much alcohol on a Christmas day may lead to lousy hangovers. It can make you sluggish and take away your energy to bend and exercise. It is hard to stick to regular exercise when the body feels heavier than usual. Therefore, go gentle on your body, skip intense workouts in the beginning and go for light activities and walking and then gradually push your body for core exercises.

Indulge in Self-Care


Indulging in personal care is essential to detoxify the body. Go for an exotic bathing experience with Vitamin C Filter Shower Head. A chemical-free bath cleanses your body and removes toxins, and gives you great refreshment. Besides this, you can also go to your favorite spa or take a  massage to relieve stress and relax the body.

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Get Enough Sleep

Late night parties with friends and family may hamper your sleep cycle, and the hangover the next day may make it even worse. Soon after the festive season, get back on track as soon as possible. 

Make sure you give your body enough time to rest. Sticking to the right sleep schedule may make all the difference.

It’s not just your body; mental detox also necessary after a zestful party. After Christmas, follow the methods and sit back and unwind both your mind and body.

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