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Top 5 Top Benefits of Using a Shower Head that Surprise You

Have you come across skin rashes, itchiness, hair dryness, or hair fall after taking a shower? Ever wondered what’s bringing your skin or hair to that state? Time has indeed changed! Today the natural resources are not half as natural as they used to be. Most resources that we use today are adulterated in some way or other, and water is one of those resources. So when you regularly use such water, it is sure to leave your hair and skin in an incredibly poor state.

However, technology has got your back. To mitigate the adverse effects of harsh hard water, a shower head filter has been introduced.

Read this blog to know how the shower head and hand shower filters rescue you from all water-related problems.

Why Should You Use Shower Head Filters?

Shower Head

The filtered shower head is the newest, trending personal wellness product. With the growing concern over water purity, many people are relying on shower head filters. Besides getting cleaner water, there are hidden benefits, not many know. Here are those least known facts about vitamin c filter shower heads.

1. You Don’t Often Get Sick

shower head filters

Water that you use has microscopic organisms that are hard to detect. Though the water exterior absolutely looks clear and fine, there still are millions of disease-causing microorganisms lurking within them. Though water washes off all the dirt, it showers millions of germs on your body. Taking a bath in such water makes you sick and could cause allergies. The bathroom shower head filters out all such microorganisms and allows you to enjoy a bath in clean, germ-free water.

2. Prevents Harmful Effects of Chlorine on Skin and Hair

Levodec filter shower heads

Water often has some content of chlorine in it. The chlorine is mainly used for water purification purposes. But chlorine is not good for your skin and hair. It takes out all the moisture from skin and hair, makes it dry and frizzy. Continuous usage of such water also prompts premature skin aging. To avoid that, buy the best chlorine filter shower head that saves you from chlorine risks.

3. It removes all painful odor

Top Benefits Shower Head

You take a bath to remove annoying odor from the body, but what if the water itself has such a pesky odor. It’s hard to take a shower when water emits a bad odor. The shower head filters absorb all those elements and make the water odor-free.

4. It Reduces Health Risks

Shower Head

Some of the chemicals present in the shower water are linked to cancer and other health problems. These chemicals have detrimental effects on the skin when the skin absorbs them. Studies revealed that people using chlorinated water or any chemically-treated water run a risk of poor birth outcomes, abortion, low birth weight in infants, asthma, etc. The shower head absorbs all these chemicals and guards you against all potential health damages.

5. It Softens the Hard Water

shower head and hand shower

You might have come across stains on your cloth, white patches on the skin, where do  you think they come from? The hard is the source of all of that. The shower head filter softens the hard water and softens skin and hair. You can use this portable water softener for showers wherever you travel to avoid your hair and skin getting damaged.

The shower head also comes with vitamin C- enriched filter carriages; therefore, this vitamin C shower filter relaxes and uplifts your mood and improves your sleep quality.

Levodec filter shower heads promise you a luxurious shower experience and healthy hair!

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