Brori Electric Razor for Women



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It’s time to disown waxing. Now up your grooming game with Densor’s bikini shaver and trimmer. Its unique trimming formula leaves you awed every time you shave your body. It’s a Godsend for women, particularly those with sensitive skin.


  • The product is for both wet and dry skin. You can choose to trim even while showering.
  • It is painless and effective. Its razors go well with any skin type and deliver outstanding results with zero razor burns.
  • The shaver comes with 3 types of high-precision blades- straight blade, floating blade, and curved blade.
  • It ensures a clean and close shave every time it meets your skin.
  • Since the device is waterproof, you can easily wash the trimmer after using it.
  • It also comes with a compact cleaning brush to remove finer hair.
  • The device is rechargeable, portable, and lightweight.
  • Its LED battery light indicates when the battery is running out, and cordless features also help you shave the areas that are difficult to reach.


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