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Introducing an All-in-one washer and dryer to wash away your laundry woes. Skip expensive laundry with this portable laundry machine that makes washing clothes way easier. Buy an eco-friendly small automatic washing machine today.


  • It also has a wash timer with which you can predetermine the washing time and multitask easily.
  • Waschen comes with its own spin dryer that spin-dries your clothes and drains out the water in no time.
  •  It comes with a portable mini electric washer and dryer combo that is a compact space-saving appliance.
  • It has a clothes spinner and a clothes washer for drying your clothes after washing.
  • It’s portable, lightweight and a space-saver. This makes it perfect for houses with small space, dorms, RVs and travel or mobile homes. 
  • The machine comes with user friendly controls to set the wash and pin timing. 
  • The clear lid of the little washing machine allows you to monitor the condition of the water well. 
  • The machine is also great for energy and power conservation.

Addition Information

Expensive laundry bills cutting a hole in your pocket? The Waschen portable washing machine makes washing and drying quick, easy and efficient without requiring you to splurge. Space and time-saving, this mini electric washing machine is apt for minimal laundry needs and serves as a great travel buddy too! It’s lightweight which makes it easily portable and won’t add to your baggage weight. You don’t need to travel around with unwashed clothes anymore.


Can you wash sheets in a portable washing machine?

Yes! A portable clothes washer dryer is large enough to wash your sheets and towels.

How do you drain a portable washing machine?

If you want to drain your portable washing machine after a wash cycle, then hose down in the sink.

How many gallons of water does a portable washing machine use?

Waschen portable washing machine uses 35-40 gallons per wash.

Are portable washing machines good?

Yes! Portable washer dryers are eco-friendly and consume less space, unlike the regular washing machines. Besides, automatic washing machines effectively do your loads of laundry.

How do you use a portable mini washing machine?

Waschen portable washing machine is easy to use. Follow the below steps to wash your clothes in an electric washing machine.
* Put clothes in the washer add washing powder on top of that.
* The device comes with the watermark, check the level and pour water as per your requirement.
* Set a timer and start the machine.
* Once the washing is completed, turn it off, take out clothes and drain the machine.


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